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How depression occur and ways to overcome it

In life there comes situations where you might feel like dying but you should never put yourself down because everyone leave you at times when you need them the most .But you should remember that you are never alone because you are your's best friend .You must have trust in yourself so that no one will ever put you down or try to show that they are good than you and you must appreciate their ego(only from inner side or react as if they have put you down but never feel that they have put you down but instead you should put yourself first ) .Depression may also be the part of it you will have depressions which have following symptoms:
feeling low and fed up or numb and empty most of the timelacking confidence and feeling anxiousbeing irritable, over-sensitive and tearfulfeeling worthlessfinding it hard to enjoy anything – nothing seems funwithdrawing from friends and feeling you can't face going out Thinkingfinding it hard to concentrate, to remember things…